Thursday, 7 January 2010

freezing gas

I woke up to a notherly blowing wind today. This is important to us and helpful to know as the weather vane on the church handily shows us.
The only time it faces in this direction is if we're in for really hot or in this case really cold.
Yesterday after a freezing dog walk, I stayed in doors, until... well... now, 24 hours later. It's not often I opt to stay indoors as I find it claustrophobic and lonely. But that seemed a better option yesterday as the country is in the grip of an icy blast.
Last night the gas bottles began to freeze, which meant that the pressure dropped and would only output that bare minimum. The thing to do then is swop the bottle. But then you're left with half empty bottles.
Alex is going to Japan next week. He can leave me with 2 bottles. Enough for about 4 days at the current temperatures. So what do I do? I guess I'll go over to our empty house and stay there a bit.....

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