Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Considering that I've been all alone on our narrow boat all week, in the depth of winter, well... the worst winter in thirty years here, then I think I've done OK.
I woke up with a spring in my step and walked out of the boat in my night dress and dressing gown to switch on the generator. No need for modesty as no one is around!
Only I hadn't noticed the ice and my blue sheepskin cozy slippers were not up to the grip and I managed to slip and fall, mid rising kick step, as I was dancing back down the gang plank. It's all the musical 'One's fault as no matter how many time I go down the think I just want to do high kicks (well now at 47 they are low kicks but I trained as a dancer from 3years to 18 years so what do you expect! And now I make a living at it) .... So I fell. Right down the gang plank and landed on my lower back at the bottom. Could have broken my back but didn't.

Next job was for Uncle Chris (Alex's Uncle) to come and change over the empty gas bottle. We have two spare and one on the go. The empty one had icicles hanging off the side of it. So that job done I then had to collect the drinking water from the stand pipe. We don't use the tank for this as we've never inspected it for cleanliness. In addition until lately the water ran a disgusting rust colour when it got the the end of tank. No it runs clear. The water just stops mid shower or whatever.

The final job of the day after the cleaning was the collection of petrol for the generator (to make electricity to run the fridge or TV or any other appliance. The lady at the kiosk is a real Hitler and always shouts impolitely over the loud speaker when people line up at the wrong side of the pump. She wouldn't let me fill up three emergency bottle. Just two. 'Regulations!'. So I went back to the boat and filled the generator only to return to the petrol station for a second time. This time she smiled. Bitch!

I went to view a run down house in need of big refurbishment. It's only about two miles away from the boat and would be great. We just need to sell our own house in order to buy it.

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