Friday, 8 January 2010

frozen gas again

Last night around minus 2 the gas that heats our boat started to freeze. It uses up about half the bottle and then as more gas is used it just freezes when it gets this cold. But then that turned out not to be the problem.
It was 5pm so I called Alex who came home at 6pm. Eventually at 7.30pm we decided to try a new bottle. And hey presto when he took off the old bottle it seems that it's been contaminated with something. The bottle weights really heavy, like there is concrete in the bottoem. We are still trying to work things out. But thankfully with the weather being really harsh (about minus 5 outside) and snow and the groung (the worst winter for 21 years they are saying) I was pretty glad that we were smart enough to figure there may be a problem with the gas.
We also dug out the electric heater. This would be normal to use in a house in such emergencies, but on a boat it's not a good idea. It is extremely heavy use on the generator and uses masses of petrol and is very noisy, even with our misleadingly described 'silent' Honda generator (only 90 decibels!!!!) .
We went over to Alex's mums - a 40 minute drive and sorted out an extra duvet and the luxury of an electic blanket.
The whole life on a boat is surrounded (in winter) by issues regarding keeping warm, keeping well lit in winter and water.
Tomorrow we are facing again the issue of a frozen water pipe and filling up the tank from the stand pipe.
At least the out door fridge is working! (A plastic bag on the roof!)

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