Sunday, 27 December 2009


For Christmas it has been good to get away from the boat into nice bright warm parents home. I've had a bath every day, as we've only got a shower on the boat and although I no longer miss a bath, I find it great for relaxing. At the house I had one everyday. It was great for unwinding.
And with an out of sorts sister also visiting it's good to relax in one again.
She broke up with her fella of 13 years after meeting a married bloke ... in New Zeland. They met online and she went to visit him and got on well! (This I know thanks to the post coital photos on face book... yuck!) He is now getting a divorce and she is emigrating. Although now, a year on, they seem less into each other. And she is going to move to a different city.
I thought this would be the last Christmas with here before she went, but it may not be owing to the long emigration process.
In the past, I've been the one left out with everyone having loved ones around, but since I got married at the ripe age of 42 for the first time, (it's our 5th anniversay in January) she's been really pissed off in general.
This Christmas she seems to have plunged more depths. In a recent discussion, she described imigrants as 'povies' (poverties!!). She seems overly concerned with putting on a hard monied bitch front. Flash car, lost weight, and going for what she wants in a big way with no consideration for others at all.
In addition, her whole physical image has changed from someone who dresses nicely to someone who shows her tits at every possibility, and then also posts those photos on face book.
She is not capable of being generally friendly to every one in her vicinity. Even since a little girl (I'm 12 years older) she would have one friend and purposely exclude others by cutting them out. So at the moment she's very lonely and seems intent on being brittle and passing comments trying to get a rise whenever possible.
I am responding by the following tack:
1. Be as nice as possible
2. Be light and happy
3. Loving my husband.
4. Only responding to her when she is being pleasant and ignoring her attempts at put downs.
This seems to really get on her goat. And she is clinging to mum and wispering in corners.
I think the bottom of the issue is that she is jealous of my happy and settled relationship.

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